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Mike Cameron

How Can I Help You?

My mission is to create a community of emotionally connected leaders and inspire men to feel more, be more, and do more. I don’t know

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Mike Cameron

Men and Grief

Grief is often something we don’t associate with Masculinity and when we do, there seems to be an expectation of stoicism, strength and frankly – fixing it, not suffering with it. Together we are going to discuss how that shows up in our lives and in the lives of those who support men who are grieving.

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Love Letter to Men
Mike Cameron

Fly In Fly Out Life – Real Stories, Struggles and Victories From Remote Work Camp Life

FIFO: faɪ fəʊ or Fly In Fly Out

FIFO work refers to remote camp work where workers are required to fly in and fly out to work and work away from home and their families.

This type of work poses unique challenges to workers and their families. The mental health struggles that can arise from the isolation from family, role transitions from work life to home life, societal stereotypes of masculinity and stigmas creating barriers to seeking help. We unpack all this through storytelling to give you a snapshot of FIFO life and to provide workers and their families with tools to thrive in this lifestyle.

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