Sinister 7 50 Miler

I just need a fucking win. That was the attitude I went into Sinister 7 with. In November of 2021 I took a fall on

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Connect'd Men With Mike

Men, It’s Time to Stop Hiding

Last week I had a beautiful reminder of one of the most important aspects of healing, in particular for men. I attended a fundraiser luncheon

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Connect'd Men With Mike

Intentions Over Outcomes

I have written a bit on why I stopped using the term goal and shifted to a new paradigm of finding alignment with outcomes. Language matters. When I shift to setting an intention rather than obsessing about an outcome, I commit to how I am going to show up. I do not commit to a result that is often largely out of my control.

This mental shift has been incredibly liberating and a welcome way to remove unhealthy stress in my life. It doesn’t mean that I do not hold myself accountable to how I show up. It just means that commit to the process, not the result. The following story of an ultramarathon I ran Easter weekend was a great example of this concept.

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Becoming A Better Man

What is your influence?

On September 1, 2022, my 21-year-old son left to go to University 5000km from home. As a father, I am incredibly proud to see him

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