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As an event planner, organizational leader or conference host you want to ensure your audience is engaged and entertained, leaving with the tools for meaningful change. All topics can be customized as keynotes, workshops or breakout sessions to meet the needs of your event.

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Emotional Fitness For Peak Performance: Addressing the Mental Health Crisis in the Workplace

Burnout, quiet quitting and low employee engagement is a global problem that has only been exacerbated after a massive pandemic. It is no longer enough to simply “check the box” with what we are offering to employees. We need to shift cultures to embrace what Mike describes as “Emotional Fitness” aka Mental Health. 

This keynote will provide inspiration and easily implemented strategies  for organizational leaders and individuals to see the value in investing in their well-being. 

Mike’s powerful blend of storytelling and his innate ability to teach and inspire will leave your audience wanting more. His lived experience brings a relatable approach to managing mental health building resilience throughout your organization. As the former CEO of one of Canada’s largest brokerages, Mike understands the need to create a psychologically safe environment while balancing accountability and compassion. 

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Beyond Resilience: When “Something’s Gotta Change”, Maybe It’s You!

This presentation delivers an inspiring, impactful message that teaches participants to release their untapped potential and take control of their business. The audience will learn to take control of their professional lives and become accountable to themselves, regardless of the external pressures on their business.

Whether you acknowledge it or not, change is happening daily. There are a myriad of external factors that influence our markets, our business and the environment we operate in. We have little to no power to change most of these factors.

We can fight the changes. We can resist them, ignore them or let them flatten us. What we cannot do is stop them from happening. So when I hear someone drop the “Something’s gotta change” truism, I want to grab them by the shoulders and shake them and scream “Yeah something’s gotta change… Maybe it’s you!”

This session focuses on personal accountability and shifting attitudes to navigate any business’s undulating plains of change.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Redefining Leadership: From Chaos to Connection

A new reality requires a new lens on leadership. Antiquated mindsets and methods are no longer effective. Our ever-changing landscape requires leaders to be more nimble and employ a more distributed leadership model. 


Through a series of emotionally charged vignettes, Mike will share with you the tools you need to be a leader in your organization regardless of your formal role or title.

Empathy and compassion combined with solid boundaries and accountability are the keys to leading through change. As human beings, we make decisions based on emotion. Understanding the emotion that drives the behaviour of their constituents allows today’s leaders to excel over the long run.  

Emotional capital is the feelings, values, beliefs and attitudes of the people who engage with you and your business. How well you manage these emotional assets directly impacts how readily people will work for you, buy from you or build business relationships with you.

Men as Allies: What Does it Mean and Why is it Important for Men

Mike shares his powerful story of tragedy and loss to illustrate the importance of men showing up as allies for equity, inclusion and violence prevention. It is no longer enough to simply not be part of the problem. Men need to actively become part of the solution. Mike has a way of relating to every man in a meaningful and impactful way. His journey could be theirs. He helps men understand why it is important to show up in these conversations and gives them the tools and language to make an impact. 

Your audience will walk away feeling empowered (not shamed) to take decisive action in our quest for equity. Finger-pointing and lecturing are ineffective in moving the needle in this domain. Mike brings a fresh approach to inspiring men and giving them the tools for meaningful change. 

Learning Outcomes

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