My name is Mike Cameron and I am Changing the way men think about Mental Health

Mike Cameron is a two times TEDx speaker, Canadian author, entrepreneur and Certified Executive Coach. As a sales and leadership authority, Mike has studied the impact that emotion has on human behavior for over 2 decades. After tragedy struck in 2015, Mike sold his award-winning, multi-million dollar business and turned his expertise to teach men to become better leaders. 

He is an ultramarathoner who loves running hundred-mile races for 30+ hours through the mountains. His adventures have taken him everywhere from the coastal mountains of Costa Rica, and the geothermal pools of New Zealand to the beautiful Rocky Mountains in his own backyard in Canada. 

A gifted storyteller, Mike will share stories that challenge and inspire you. He will introduce you to his S.O.A.R. framework for resilience. He will teach you to become a stronger leader connected with your passions and purpose in life. He excels at helping leaders pull the best out of themselves and their teams. 

He is the founder of Connect’d Men, an organization designed to create a safe space for men to practice emotional fitness. His 2018 CBC Op-Ed “Dear Men” has been shared over 125,000 times. His 2017 Tedx “The way men think of strong is wrong”, urges society to help redefine what it means to be a badass.He is also the co-founder of the Ignore No More Run for Respect, an event designed to raise awareness around gender-based violence and specifically engage men and boys in the conversation. 

Cameron is also the founder of Axiom Mortgage, one of Canada’s largest independent brokerage firms, which he sold in December 2019. He has worked with various nonprofits and charities to pave the way for a violence-free future. 

His keynotes addressing the importance of emotional fitness have been heard across North America. He has facilitated youth programs for the Edmonton Police Service Diversion First Program. He is passionate about working with youth and supporting the next generation of men in becoming more emotionally connected to themselves and their families and building stronger relationships with those around them.

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