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Passion, Pride and Purpose.

My name is Mike Cameron and I am a passionate family man, entrepreneur, speaker and writer.  I am CEO and Managing Partner of Axiom Mortgage.  A big proponent of life long learning and always believe that there is something to be taken away from every experience.

I enjoy writing and sharing ideas.  This site is a hub for any of those ideas, interests that I feel compelled to write about but have no other home for. If you enjoy, please comment. The more feedback you give the more I can learn.

When my girlfriend was murdered by an ex-boyfriend in 2015 I took a keen interest in domestic violence prevention and specifically in redefining what it means to be a badass.

I run my business and try to live my life by the three tenets of Passion, Pride and Purpose.  If I can be of service to you, please reach out.

Much Love,

I believe strongly in any endeavour I undertake. It is only fueled by passion that you can overcome obstacles of any size.

I am proud of who I am and what I do.  I am proud of the people I surround myself with.

To make a difference in the lives of others. To affect change and help make the world a better place where ever I can.


Mike Cameron is a successful entrepreneur who is often invited to speak at a variety of different business events and conferences. Mike is currently the CEO of Axiom Mortgage Partners, a national network of independently owned mortgage brokerages.  Mike’s entrepreneurial endeavors over the last 20 years coupled with his love of sport give him a unique perspective and insights into what it takes to succeed in this no-holds-barred world that we live in. Mike’s holistic approach to self improvement is designed to assist business owners, executives and entrepreneurs to get the most out of themselves and their team.  With an emphasis on sound principals and philosophies that focus on actually getting things done and help you move to become a ‘doing’ organization.


I have always had a passion for business. As luck would have it I landed in the Mortgage Brokerage industry. We truly have some amazing people as part of our organization and industry. You can have a look at my company page here http://axiommortgage.ca

Learning has always been a fascination of mine. One of the best ways to embed knowledge that you have learned is to teach it to others. Helping others excel and get fired up is at the core of my being. I am more alive on stage than anywhere on the planet.

In order to serve others you need to take care of yourself physically as well as spiritually. These are just some of the activities I use to do that. Have a look through this category of writing for some of the ways I work on physical and emotional fitness. 

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