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I'm looking for a community of like minded men who know that there is a better way.

I have a vision and need help executing

I am a successful entrepreneur / leader, ready to transition from success into lasting significance.

I am planning an event and need a powerful speaker.

What If Your Future Held

Maybe all you see is the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. There’s a transformative mindset shift that can change everything.

You don’t have to do this alone. Read on…

Join The Community

Connect’d Men is a free online community for men. We meet every second Wednesday and share pur triumphs and challenges online. We all struggle, all of our struggles are different, we don’t need to compare struggles but the beautiful thing is we don’t have to struggle alone. 

Investment: $0.00

Start Closing The Gap

“A powerful, raw story that is somehow both unique and relatable. Becoming A Better Man shows us how to close the gap between the men we wish to be and how we are actually behaving. It’s a courageous look at the doubts and fears we’ve learned not to talk about, and a reminder that together we can create a stronger, healthier understanding of what ‘manhood’ really means.”

Investment: $24.99


 Spots AVailable

Roadmap to Impact

Elevate your impact and transform your passion into purpose. Join our Roadmap to Impact program, and go from vision to execution. 

Stop procrastinating. The world needs your gifts. Let's go. Hit the button!

Who Is This For?

Anyone who has a larger vision for themselves, their organization or their community and need a strategy to make it happen. 

Investment: $5,000.00


 Spots Available

Impact Mastery

Every major breakthrough in my career was in partnership with a coach. Who is in your corner? 

Step into ‘Impact Mastery,’ an exclusive six month one-on-one coaching experience. This deep-dive journey is tailored to transform your achievements into your lasting legacy. It’s not about what you’ll get it is about who you will become. 

This is not for everyone, enrollment is selective, requiring an application and interview to ensure alignment and readiness for profound change.

Investment: $25,000


 Spots AVailable

Success to Significance

You hit all the milestones. You found success, yet there is still something missing. 

I know, I’ve been there. The more you succeed the lonelier you become. 

Imagine stepping away from success and building a life of significance. Stop for a second. Ask yourself “Is what I am doing working?” 

This year long Program is crafted for you, the elite, when you are ready to redefine success. 

Investment: $75,000.00

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