Promise and Deliver

promise and deliver

Promise and Deliver

Under promise. Over deliver.

I think we’ve all heard the adage. I’m much more a fan of the simple version. Promise and deliver.

I remember when I was in the mortgage business some 20 odd years ago, I asked the number one producer in the company if I could shadow him to learn how he did what he did.

I remember sitting with him for lunch that first day and asking What is it that you do differently that allows you to consistently be the number one guy in the company?

And his response kind of surprised me.

He said, You know what, Mike?

He says, I just do what I tell people I’m going to do.

If I tell them I’m going to call him back at 3:00 p.m. I call him back at 3:00 p.m., not 3:15 with some bullshit excuse about why I’m late.

And sometimes I think we overlook the simple things that make things better.

Alright my friend, as always, continue to make beautiful shit happen.

Have yourself a great day. Take care.

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