Don’t Compare Your Mile 1 To Someone Else’s Mile 99

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Don't Compare Your Mile 1 To Someone else's Mile 99

Have you ever gone back and looked at the early work of somebody who you admire?

I remember when I first started podcasting. I was listening to a fellow by the name of Mitch Joel and I think he was on something like episode 468.

I thought, you know, I will never get to the level of competence that he’s at.

And then I went back and found episode one of his and realized. That I wasn’t that far off of where he started, and I found great comfort in knowing that even our heroes started from Ground Zero.

So just a thought I had on the treadmill and thought I would share with you.

Don’t compare your mile one with somebodies mile 99.

As always my friend continue to make beautiful shit happen!

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