Back at ‘er


You know how it is.  You’ve gone too long without getting out for a run.  You want to do it, you need to do it but you just need that kick in the pants to get out the door.  Well my ‘kick in the pants’ came while I was on vacation and of all places from Twitter.  Yes, Twitter.  It was 3 nights into our Banff family vacation and as is sometimes the case I could not sleep. I often have bouts of insomnia where the mind is racing and sleep just will not come.

So I’m lying in bed beside my wife who is fast asleep and I decide to grab my iPhone and see what is going on in the wonderful world that is Twitter.  One Tweep (@craigpilgrim) whom I follow happened to post about a run time he had earlier that evening and was not all that happy with it.  I replied that I thought that was a fine time and that I needed to get back at it as well. He replied inquiring about my running and we discussed some of the things that I had done in the past and the fact that I really needed a race to train for to keep me motivated.  I asked if there was something specific that he was training for and he mentioned two 10K races, one being sufficiently far out that I felt it would be perfect for me. I went online with my iPhone and signed up right then and there and said so via Twitter. The response was “Wow! Not messing around — cool! How’s late morn/ early aft next Thurs for coffee or diet coke?”. So we made arrangements to meet when I got back to discuss running.

Flash forward to Thursday after I get back and we have a great meeting, discuss a number of things including running and technology.  I finish my day and after dinner tweet a “Nice to meet you. I think you are my new accountability buddy for #running Gonna go tonight” knowing that if I tweet it I will be held accountable to actually do it. So now that I am newly inspired, I go get my running gear on, download RunKeeper for the iPhone, setup a new playlist and out the door I go.

Feeling GOOD!  Picture this… iPhone strapped on, new running app installed, playlist set, stretched and ready to go. I hit ‘Start’ on the app and a sexy female voice says “Activity Started” then immediately kicks into ACDC – “You Shook my all night long”. Yes, I have made my head banger playlist for this one.  Feeling a little sluggish first time out in awhile but mid run I hit ACDC – “Have a drink on me” as I stop for a water break, make my turn and start heading back.  I hit the driveway and start walking it out just as the playlist hits Godsmack – “Crying like a %$#@“. How appropriate for the first time back at ‘er.  What a great evening run in about 24 degrees of sunshine.

OK, well the music may not be to everyones taste but insert your own playlist and get out for that run you have talking about for far too long.

Thanks for the inspiration Craig!

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