#49 Janice Porter: Stay Connected, Be Remembered. LinkedIn Expert/Relationship Marketer

janice porter

Janice Porter is a LinkedIn expert and Relationship Marketing expert who believes that LinkedIn will change everything! 

She prides herself in being a consummate networker and successfully connecting people for mutual benefit. She has been involved with various organizations and has built up a vast network that enables her to connect like-minded people. She has met many wonderful people through her various volunteer positions and she loves to be a “connector” for others.

She often undertakes leadership positions in organizations to practice what she preaches and is proactive when it comes to building and cultivating relationships. 

As a seasoned training specialist, her training focuses on how to authentically build relationships, communicate effectively and networking skills. Her passion for the subject matter, informal personal style, and ability to create an inclusive teaching environment enhances learning and creates stimulating conversations. She enjoys working with groups of all sizes and individuals in person and online.

We talk about how to use LinkedIn to source and cultivate solid business relationships.

Janice shares strategies for creating automated follow-up systems through Send Out Cards. You can create a mail sequence as well as send gifts directly from your phone.

If you visit Janice’s website you can get a FREE list of 18 things you can do to optimize your LinkedIn profile. Download it here!

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