#48 Selina Gray: Creating a Money Mindset


Selina Gray (CPA, CA, B.Comm) is a money relationship expert with over 14 years of experience reinventing finance for individuals, small business & corporations. Selina has successfully managed and integrated various corporate acquisitions and served as controller for two internationally publicly traded companies. She has led an international team of over 30 finance ninjas and has helped thousands of people change their relationship with money by finding harmony between their inner & outer richness. 

In this podcast we discuss what wealth really means. Selina shares her journey of discovery in her pursuit of wealth. It took a near death experience to accentuate the point that wealth is far more than the acquisition of money. She shares the lessons she learned through her adversity and what she would have shared with her younger self.

Selina discusses the concepts of what it means to explore your emotional relationship with money. I have always talked about how your beliefs define your behaviors which ultimately generate your results. Selina talks about how you need to start by exploring your beliefs about money and where those beliefs come from.

She shares with you some practical strategies for managing your money and the relationship you have with it.

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