27 Year End Reflection Questions to Ask Your Partner

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“Life is only a reflection of what we allow ourselves to see”

It’s New Years Eve 2021 and tonight Michelle and I are going to one of our favourite brew pubs for beer and nachos. Something both of us enjoy more than fancy balls and cocktail parties. We’ve opted to keep it to the two of us so that we can have a nice date night. Beer and nachos at Campio Brewing Co. One of Michelle’s requests was for it to be a “distraction free” night, which means no cell phones.

I love our distraction free time and recognize that we do not do it enough. I wanted to up the ante a little and make sure that our date night tonight was truly intentional so I sat down and brainstormed 27 year end reflection questions for us to ask each other. I haven’t shared this list with her yet and I am sure it will grow based on our conversation tonight.

Year end reflection questions
Nachos at Campio

I invite you to share these with your partner and see what kind of conversation they provoke. Please drop me a note in the comments with your additions to this list. I have created a downloadable PDF version here in case you want to print them and take them out on your date like I’m going to.

Year End Reflection Questions

  1. When did you feel the most connected with me this year?
  2. When did you feel the least connected with me this year?
  3. What do you wish we had done more of this past year?
  4. What do you wish we had done less of this year?
  5. What was your favourite couples moment this year?
  6. What is your favourite sexual position?
  7. What do you like most in the bedroom?
  8. Who had the biggest impact on our relationship this year?
  9. What was your favourite getaway this year?
  10. How did we grow together this year?
  11. How do you feel I best supported you this year?
  12. Were there areas where I could have better supported you this year?
  13. What were some of the biggest challenges we overcame as a couple this year?
  14. How were we intentional about the impact that we want to make in the world together?
  15. What are your favorite activities for us to do together?
  16. What would you like to see us accomplish together next year?
  17. What did you learn about me this year?
  18. What surprised you most about us this year?
  19. How has our relationship shifted this year?
  20. What is your favorite “you and me” tradition or ritual?
  21. What routines would you like to see us implement this next year?
  22. What areas of our relationship need the most improvement?
  23. Where do you think you could show up as a better partner?
  24. Where do you think I could show up as a better partner?
  25. What is one thing that stands out to you that I did that really says “I love you” without saying “I love you”?
  26. If you could pick a food to represent our relationship this past year what would it be and why?
  27. What word would you like to use for us as an intention word for the year ahead?
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Donna de Bruin
Donna de Bruin
1 year ago

This was a lot of fun and required some real consideration. Made for an interesting drive. We added to number 22. What specific steps can we take to make improvements in that area? And we set a date for a quarterly review.
Thanks for the ideas!

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