Video: I Love You is Bullshit

For many years I have explored the phrase “I Love You”. You see I am a fairly romantic man and have always had a belief in the blissful existence of “The One”. You know, your soul mate, your perfect match, your true love, that one person that completes your heart’s desire. That individual that will give you those tummy butterflies for the rest of your life. Yes, I believed in love, but I had yet to find it...
i love you is bullshit

If you want to explore more on my thoughts on Love you can read “Finding “The One”: 5 Things No One Tells You” which will link you to another.

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Emily Ruttan
Emily Ruttan
2 years ago

Hey Mike, I would like to sign up for the yoga program -can you connect me to a paid session? Not asking for the free one 🙂 Is there a link?

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