Telus: Customer Service via Twitter?


So late last year my wife convinced me that we needed PVR anywhere. Yes, that is right, PVR Anywhere. Our Shaw system with one PVR just wasn’t cutting it. I mean really, what if we want to watch a show in the basement or up in our bedroom? Heaven forbid we be inconvenienced by not being able to watch our recorded shows anywhere we want. As I write this I feel a little ashamed of all the luxuries we enjoy. Anyhow, I relented and we switched to Telus Optik TV and now enjoy PVR Anywhere. Well last night our PVR Anywhere became PVR Nowhere.  Not entirely sure when it went out or what happened but we decided to enjoy the “Sorry, the TV is broken” statement to our kids and play some board games together.

The only problem was that after the kids went to bed and Christine and I wanted to watch a show or two we were SOL. So I went online to find the phone number for Telus repair only to stumble across their live web support page. I thought, let’s test this out. So I logged into their support chat and at the same time tweeted:

@axiommike: Lets see if Telus live chat is faster than phone shall we

Sure enough, a live chat operator responds and after going through a couple of basic troubleshooting questions, suggests I reboot the modem. As I powercycle the modem I realize this is going to disconnect my chat session and think it is kind of funny that I wasn’t on the ball enough to see that first. So I hop back on Twitter and post:

@axiommike: works great til he tells me to reboot modem and I lose him. LOL

As I try to reconnect my session I see an email come in: @TelusSupport is now following you

Wow, I’m impressed. I did not tweet at them they obviously monitor for their brand keywords and found me out by my first post. I tweet:

@axiommike: hey there @TELUSsupport can you help a guy out?

To which I get an immediate response:

@axiommike Hi, Jimmy here @TELUSsupport Please follow us and DM your phone # and account #. I would like to see if I can help.

Holy smokes! This is how it is supposed to work but I ever thought it it actually did. Long story short through a series of 4 DM’s problem resolved!

Hats off to Telus for making social media work the way it is supposed to. Now let’s see Telus if you get bonus points for finding this blog post and leaving a comment!

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