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little things

How often do we hear the line “It’s the little things that make a big difference”?  I tend to use that line alot and truly believe that is the case. It is often not the massive large scale gestures of others that make a significant impact in our lives but usually the very small ones.  The small things like a sincere compliment or a random act of kindness. These are the things that can change lives. I don’t know about you but I certainly notice it when someone does a ‘little thing’ that impacts my life. I have been fortunate enough in the past few months to have a number of these happen to me. I want to share with you one significant little thing that happened to me last week.

I go to a toastmasters group every Monday at noon.  Last week I gave a speech about sharing your passion which included a story about how I read to my kids every night before bed and our trip to our local Chapters book store. When you give a speech each member of the club gives written feedback on your speech. Last week one of our members, after giving me feedback on my speech also added this comment: “On a related note, I found your devotion to your kids quite heartwarming. My dad drank; we never went to Chapters. You are the type of father that I aspire to be.”

Talk about a “little thing” that had a HUGE impact!! At a time in my life when I sometimes question whether or not I am doing all I can to be the best father I can possibly be, reading this remark made my entire week. It took all of two sentences and likely less than 30 seconds for him to write that note. That statement, from a weekly acquaintance, will stay with me for the rest of my life. I have kept that slip of paper and have it sitting on my desk and reread it frequently. The sheer simplicity of the statement and the magnitude of the impact it had on me really got me thinking. How many times do we have thoughts like this that we do not share. How many times do we think these things and just quietly keep them to ourselves. I have made a resolution to myself that when someone moves me, inspires me or simply makes me feel good, that I will let them know the impact their actions or words have had on me.

It also stopped and made me think about how easy it is for all of us to have a significant impact on the lives of others. We don’t need to do massive things, we don’t have to spend a lot of money, we don’t even have to put forth a ton of effort. All we have to do is be somewhat conscious of the world around us and make sure that we take every opportunity we can to provide a ‘little thing’ to those around us. You can make an impact in a significant way. All you have to do is keep an eye out for your opportunity to do so.

What are some of the little things that you do or have been done to you that have made an impact? Share yours in the comments section.

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