Episode 8: Hali Strandlund – Born to lead

Hali Strandlund is the Senior Vice President Residential Mortgages and Broker Relations at Fisgard Capital Corporation.  Hali says she was born into the business and she is not kidding.  Hali is a leader at Fisgard, she has been the president of the Mortgage Brokers Association of BC (Twice), she is a past chair of the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals and has recently helped found WIMI (Women in the Mortgage Industry).

Hali shares her leadership philosophies and lessons that she has learned over the years.  A life of consistent action has made her who she is.  Hali’s leadership philosophy is all about sharing your knowledge.  Hali shares lessons she has learned from her leadership positions in the industry as well as what she continues to learn from the Women in the Mortgage Industry group that she helped found.  We talk about leadership opportunities and how we can grow as individuals and as a channel.


In the interview we discussed some resources that Hali recommends.  Here are some links to some of these.

Women in the Mortgage Industry can be found on Facebook.

I Love Mortgage Brokering Podcast

Canadian Mortgage Hangout TV

Mortgage Brokers Get Serious Facebook Group

I know Hali has touched a lot of you.  I’d love to hear your Hali story.  Post in the comments below.

You can reach Hali via email at Hali.Strandlund@fisgard.com

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