Episode 27: Erik Giasson; The Yogi Who Sold His Ferrari

Erik Giasson - balance

At 36, Erik Giasson became the Chief Investment Officer and Erik GiassonSenior Vice President of a major investment firm. At 43, he achieved his ultimate dream, which is to work for the largest “hedge fund”. He lived in abundance and wealth, when in 2008, at 43 years old, following the financial crisis he loses his job and his role, everything collapses. Through his suffering, he will undertake a life transition, he discovered yoga, which surely saved him from suicide. Yoga not only allowed him to survive, but to live with who he really is, without role. Professional speaker, Financier, and Ironman Triathlete, Entrepreneur, Yoga teacher, he is the co-founder of Wanderlust yoga center in Montreal.

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8 years ago

Enjoyed listening to your podcast. So happy you are sorting things out. Your focus is the same as ours except as Christians we have faith in God’s Spirit working in us. Read Galatians 5 in the new living translation which was my meditation this morning. Look forward to more discussion next week during our visit.

Carri Uranga
8 years ago

I had the pleasure of volunteering at Le Studio when it was just opening 2 yrs ago. Erik & Genevieve took me in like family. I have since moved from Montreal, but have fond memories of the yoga community they have created there. While I knew a bit of his background, it was nice to learn some more details. Thanks for Connecting the Dots!

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