Episode 25: Tom Stoyan Canada’s Sales Coach


For 25 years the largest companies in Canada have been referring Canada’s Sales Coach to each other.

Air Canada, IBM, KPMG, Royal Bank, Direct Energy, RBC Insurance, TEC, MCAP, Canadian Tire Financial Services, Rogers, GE, have all hired and then referred Tom to his next client.

Tom specializes in coaching professionals in acquiring and retaining more clients. How? He has them become better prepared by helping them learn much more quickly from their experience. His approach has led to one client claiming a $20 million increase in sales as a result of using his coaching and sales philosophy (Public Disclosure: most of his clients hire him for 10 days or more).

So what.
Tom specializes in coaching professionals in acquiring and retaining more clients, and in coaching sales managers to exceed their goals. He help sales managers show their sales teams how to both sell more effectively and learn more quickly from their sales experience.

After years of working with major corporations to improve their sales and coaching results, He now help entrepreneurs build their businesses and increase their referrals rates with integrity based selling.

As an avid researcher, on average he has read more than one sales or coaching book a week for more than three years.

In this interview we talk about the importance of coaching.  We talk specific skills relating to coaching a team.  We talk about a number of sales insights and dive deep into some specific sales strategies.

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