Beware The Charlatans Selling False Dreams

perils of positivity

Beware the charlatans selling false dreams

They’ll trick you, deceive you it’s not what it seems

Fulfillment and purpose we all seek in life

We clammer for meaning to end all the strife


It is out there, it is out there this thing that I know

Just be authentic don’t put on a show.

There are no shortcuts, no life hacks, no tricks

If we all helped each other we’d get there real quick


Is it hype or is it hope, that we can be who we want

Is it real, is it fake, is all a big taunt

While the gurus may guide you, give you tactics and tools

It is only you who can make it come true


Pain pills, cleaning, TV, booze or drugs

We make efforts to escape from our feelings, those thugs

We curse them, we avoid them, we suppress and we numb

The truth of the matter is there is nowhere to run


Unless we embrace them, emote them, let ourselves feel

There is no shortcut to helping us heal

Our wounds we will carry like scars from a fight

We mask them, we hide them, then cry into the night


So share them, feel them, let that shit go

It may be quite hard but it’s all that I know.

We choose on emotion, not logic or reason

The science is there no matter the season


They tell us be strong, be strong you can do this

The fact is they’re wrong this is not what the truth is

It is not being stoic, suppressing or avoiding

True strength is having the courage to feel them and showing


Show up when it’s easy, when it’s hard or it’s painful

That is pure bravery nothing about it is shameful

Know that you’re loved, you are safe and secure

Cry when you need to, take solace for sure


Feel all those feelings, know you’re not alone

All of us struggle, seeking a home

a haven of rest, a place to rebuild

But reach out to others chances are you’ll be thrilled


To see what they offer, the love and the hope

They want for you the best they’ll throw you a rope

when you need it the most you’ll find love in strangers

it is those that you least suspect that can be real game changers


So be strong, be strong and give all you’ve got

be courageous, be brave, it won’t be for not

feel all the feelings, show up and be seen

Be a beacon for others show them where you’ve been

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