#47 Yahya Bakkar: How to live your authentic life


Yahya is a speaker and confidence coach. His mission is to remind people of their value. We talk about entrepreneurship and about creating a lifestyle that works for you. Yahya shares how he discovered how he found his path to utilize his unique value to build the life that he wanted.

How do you know who you are? Self discovery is a life long journey and we talk about finding out exactly who you are.

Yahya talks about The wisdom of the enneagram and how this framework changed the way he looked at his strengths.

We talk about Wealth Dynamics as a system for entrepreneurs.

We talk about dropping the ego and self awareness. Or rather we about harnessing and understanding the ego as a protector.

As a confidence coach we talk about not playing small and having the confidence to live your value.

Yahya’s energy is palpable and contagious. I think you will enjoy this one.

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