#42 Brandon Webb: Navy Seal – From Sailor to Sniper


Brandon Tyler Webb (born June 12,1974) is a former United States Navy SEAL and SEAL Sniper Head Instructor, with one combat deployment to Afghanistan and one to Iraq. He served as the Navy SEAL Sniper Course Manager, where he developed new curricula and trained snipers, including Chris Kyle. He is the editor in chief of SOFREP[1], Founder and CEO of Crate Club, and a media commentator on snipers and related Special Operations Forces military issues.[2] Webb is the co-author of The 21st Century Sniper: A Complete Practical Guide. He is the author of The Red Circle, his memoir, and The Making of a Navy Seal.

In this interview we talk about the mindset it takes to survive SEAL training. We discuss Brandon’s books as well as his charity foundation.

I have written twice about my take on the term ‘Embrace the Suck’ both before and after Colleen was killed. Brandon talks about it from a SEAL perspective. 

Brandon shares the training techniques he used to train elite snipers and how they took graduation rates from lows to almost 100% graduation rates by altering methodology.

You can find Brandon’s books here on Amazon.

To find more about the Red Circle here.

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