Join author Mike Cameron and Professor Linda Tucker, PhD, founder of Cup and Quill,  for a group coaching program that will take you from idea to manuscript in 4-6 months.

From Zero to Manuscript
Here Is What To Expect!

Weekly Group Coaching

Professional coaching from someone who knows how to get things done. You will learn productivity and motivation tips to keep you moving forward.

Professional Instruction

You will receive the professors touch. Dr. Tucker will share with you everything you need to know to get your story out of your head and into your book.

Sharing Best Practices

You will share your experience and learn from others. What is working well for you? What works for others? Grow together in your writing journey.

Everything you need

You will learn all of the steps in the writing process. From outline, writing, editing all the way through publication.

The Time Myth!

This is likely the largest lie that keeps more books off the bookshelves than any other. I like to play a game I call “Reason or Excuse”. Often we will use time constraints as a reason for not writing a book when in actuality it is simply an excuse. Now don’t get me wrong there may be legitimate periods of our life where timing simply is not right to start such a project.

For most however, we tend to think we need to set aside large blocks of time to get our manuscript out of our head and onto a page. The reality for me was that I wrote my book 20 minutes at a time. Some days I was able to string together multiple blocks in a row, other days I was left to narrowly manage to fit in one session. So let me ask you this… could you find 20 minutes a day to do something important?

Perhaps it is 20 minutes less Netflix, 20 minutes less social media. What if you decided to get up 20 minutes earlier each day? Night Owl? How about going to bed 20 minutes later each night?

Program Details

When: Monday Evenings 6:30-8:00pm MST – Starting Sept 20
Where: Zoom conference
Duration: Month to month as needed 
Cost: $199/month pay as you go

What's Next?

There is limited access to these group coaching sessions. Sessions will start as soon as we have a full contingent. Register with a $99 deposit (will be applied to your first month) to secure your spot and we will let you know as soon as we’re ready to start. 

If you would like to schedule a brief discovery call to ensure this is right for you please book a time via the link below.

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