Many of us come from a place of default patterns of behaviour and ways of being. Over the years we fall into routines that we may not even be aware of. How many times you have made that drive home from work without even being aware of your route? 

My programs were created to shift you out of “default” and into “design”. When we get intentional with how we show up for ourselves, our staff, our colleagues and our families, real change starts to occur. 

Isn’t it time to stop living on auto pilot and get purposeful about your path? Choose one of our 5 programs that is right for you! 
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**Ask about grant programs which could cover as much as 2/3 of your total program costs.

Business By Design

This 16 week training program is designed for small business owners and solopreneurs that are looking for the tools to help them get the best out of themselves and their teams.

During our time together we will explore concepts around leadership, sales, planning and execution strategies. In this small group environment you will collaborate with other like minded business owners who will share their experiences and challenges.

Total Hours: 22.5 Cost: $1,999.00

Module 1: A New Paradigm of Goal Setting

(6 Weeks 7.5 hours)

What if the way we have been taught to think about goal setting is actually counter productive? In these 6 weeks we will explore new ways of being that will provide clarity of your purpose and lasting catalyst for growth.

Module 2: Execute With Excellence

(5 Weeks 7.5 hours)

Even the best plan is useless without inspired execution. In this module we will explore a variety of frameworks to ensure that your ideas, plans and visions actually come to life.

Module 3: Everything is Sales

(5 Weeks 7.5 hours)

Brilliant ideas and excellent execution mean nothing without customers. In this module we will look at a number of sales and marketing approaches.

Leadership By Design

“The true measure of a leader isn’t how many followers they have but rather how many leaders they help create.”

Leadership isn’t about a role or title it is about how you show up when it really counts.

We are committed to bringing out the best leadership qualities in you and your team.
Total Hours: 22.5 Cost: $1,999.00

Module 1: What is Leadership?

(6 Weeks 7.5 hours)

In this module we will examine leadership styles and how they impact the world.

Module 2: The Five Practices of Leadership

(5 Weeks 7.5 hours)

In this module we will work through the Leadership Challenge practices of exemplary leadership. and look at ways of implementing them in your business.

Module 3: Navigating Change

(5 Weeks 7.5 hours)

“There is only constant in life is change” Heraclitus

So you better learn how to navigate when the world changes around you. How are you going to communicate with your team? How will you ensure all oars are rowing in the same direction?

Together we will explore change management principles.

Selling By Design

Sales is a core function in any organization. From the front reception down to the individual sales person. This program is tailored to teach your team how to effectively assist your customers with their buying decision.


Total Hours: 22.5 Cost: $1,999.00

Module 1: Selling Now and Then

(6 Weeks 7.5 hours)

A look at some of the history of sales, a review of sales styles and what works today.

Module 2: Process, Process, Process

(5 Weeks 7.5 hours)

In order to achieve success in any environment there needs to be a consistent method of service delivery.

Module 3: The Art and Science of Selling

(5 Weeks 7.5 hours)

In this module we will bring it all together and look at the art and the science of what makes an effective sales team. 

Wellness By Design

This program is designed to help you create a culture of wellness within your organization. Mental health is one of the leading causes of disability in the workplace. Isn’t it time that you get intentional about wellness in the workplace.

Total Hours: 22.5

Cost: $1,999.00/person

Module 1: Mental Health Matters

(6 Weeks 7.5 hours)

In this module we will look at why mental health matters. We’ll discuss statistics and share common experiences.

Module 2: A Framework for Change

(5 Weeks 7.5 hours)

In this module we will explore a framework for changing culture and reducing stigma.

Module 3: Bringing it all Together

(5 Weeks 7.5 hours)

Together we will explore how we can put all of the tools that we have learned so far into practice in a work environment.

Lifestyle By Design

If you are feeling stuck and unsure of your purpose, your passion and your reason for being this may be the program for you.

Total Hours: 22.5
Cost: $1,999.00

Module 1: Creating a New Vision

(6 Weeks 7.5 hours)

It’s time to get intentional about the kind of life that you want to live. In this first module we will start to explore new ways of being.

Module 2: Mastering Relationships

(6 Weeks 7.5 hours)

The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships. Together we will practice strategies to cultivate and strengthen all of our relationships.

Module 3: Mastering Self

(6 Weeks 7.5 hours)

In this module we will learn to recognize, manage and navigate our emotional self.

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