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When my girlfriend was murdered in 2015 I found myself walking around in a haze, shaking my head and muttering those three words. “Something’s Gotta Change”.

I would look in the mirror every morning repeating that phrase to an empty face looking back at me. It wasn’t until I added three words that things really started to shift into perspective for me. “Maybe It’s You! Mike, Maybe It’s you.” So I 

  • Wrote a book
  • Did a TEDx
  • Ran 100 mile ultramarathons
  • Sold my business
  • Found Love again
  • Learned to ice climb
  • Started a Men’s Network

The subtitle of my first book “Becoming A Better Man” is When “Something’s Gotta Change” Maybe It’s You!

When I realized that the only thing that I had the power to change was me my world started to fall back into place.

So if you find yourself thinking “Something’s Gotta Change” in your life. Every week I will share with you some of the tools I have found that have allowed me to navigate some pretty big transitions in my life.

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When Something’s Gotta Change

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