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Small group coaching

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My SPECIALTY lies in being able to help you close the gap between the man you are and the man you want to be. It is time to LIVE your best life and get shit done.

join me for MY LIFESTYLE BY DESIGN GROUP coaching
$299.00 Month Pay As you go (Discount for long term)
$199.00 Special Offer - Month Pay As you go
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Sessions run on THURSDAY nights and begin at 6:30PM sharp for approximately 90 minutes

The only words I can use to describe the experience are "surreal" and "exceptional".

"I have been following Mike's journey for a number of years and have always been impressed by his ability to speak from the heart with passion without losing himself in emotion. When the opportunity came up to be a part of a group coaching session to design a lifestyle that I wanted to live, it took all of 45 seconds for me to commit to the program.
Logging in to the first session, I was wrought with anxiety and thoughts of "what the heck did I get myself into?" and other like thoughts when venturing into the unknown. In that first session, I saw more raw emotion and honesty with self from a group of men than I have ever experienced in my entire life. Over the following weeks, we went deep into the "why" of where we are today, and the "how" of where we want to be in the future. I learned about myself from hearing others speak on topics that I thought I was alone in yet in a group of guys where I was at least 15 years younger than we bonded over these things.
The only words I can use to describe the experience are "surreal" and "exceptional". Mike's ability to bring out the best version of one's self and craft an experience unique to the involved members was incredible, and if it wasn't a big scheduling conflict for me, I would continue to be a part of for the foreseeable future. Forget every self-help book or podcast or self-proclaimed guru out there. Mike Cameron is a living example of what we, as men, are missing out on by not being honest and true to ourselves. Can't recommend enough! "

Who Am I?

The incredible journey that has been my life has been filled with many painful and joyous lessons along the way. 

After surviving a horrific, near death car crash at 17, I moved through my life’s journey with a stubborn determination. I started my career literally bagging shit (steer manure) then climbing the corporate ladder, only to have my career threatened by a 240 million dollar Ponzi scheme. 

I took a breath, reinvented myself, built a multi-million dollar company and was on my way to creating the “perfect” life, only to wind up divorced and raising my kids as a single dad. I took another breath, started the new path of finding love after 40 only to once again have my life unimaginably altered when my girlfriend was murdered in 2015 .
I had a choice. I could escape with the usual distractions life gives us to keep us numb or I could remain conscious through the teachings I was receiving.
Avoidance is the largest barrier to personal growth. I will teach you to create a lifestyle by design. One that you are excited and proud to live – sometimes we all just need a little help. I have been on a continual quest to become a better man and live with purpose and passion.
I will challenge your thinking and support you to find new ways to create and redefine success for yourself.


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My mission is to help you design a life you love.

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