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Here was a note we received last year from a conference attendee "I found all the sessions I was able to take in very informative, professional and moderated well. I look forward to coming back next year" 
Clint is one of our speakers this year. We are going to have an amazing few evenings!
When it comes to men and mental health there is still a huge stigma around it. We tend to think of it as a "somebody else" problem. The truth is that statistically there are more of us that struggle on some level than there are that don't. This is exactly why we created Love Letter to Men, a virtual forum to talk about all the things that impact men's mental and emotional fitness. Our speaker lineup is fantastic and there will be lots of opportunities to network both virtually and in person. I hope you will consider joining us.
You know that music is a big part of our lives. The emotional impact and connection music can create is powerful. We are excited that Jenesia will join us again for Love Letter to Men to kick off our conference on Wednesday evening at 6pm Mountain Time. If you have not yet registered for this free conference, what are you waiting for??
Did you see this?
We are hosting a live event on the final evening of Love Letter to Men! I am so excited to be able to gather together once again. Show up for a couple of presentations and hang around for food and live music. I really hope you will consider joining us on Friday Feb 17. Registration is 100% FREE thanks to our sponsors, The City of Edmonton and Living Hope a community action plan to prevent suicide.
When it comes to Men's mental health there are few people that know more than Dr. John Ogrodniczuk. We are thrilled to have him back this year. Dr. Ogrodniczuk will be doing a short presentation followed by a conversation led by your questions. If you haven't registered yet please visit our website at
Daniel Sundahl (DanSun) is a published artist and writer with three (3) art books produced of his works. Articles of his work are featured in Canadian Paramedicine, Journal of Emergency Medicine (JEMS), Fire Rescue Magazine, EMS One, EMS World Magazine and The Canadian Journal of Emergency Nursing. His art is recognized worldwide, and he travels internationally, speaking on his art and personal experiences with occupational stress injuries and post-traumatic growth. Daniel is the president and founder of the Peer Recovery and Resiliency Society, which supports emergency workers worldwide and aids in their post-traumatic growth. He is an advanced care paramedic, firefighter, pre-hospital educator, photographer and photo editor. 

We are really excited to have Dan back with us this year at Love Letter to Men. Register now at
Hey friends, have you registered for Love Letter to Men yet? I'm thrilled to let you know that our friend Clint Malarchuk will be taking the stage at this years virtual conference. If you don't know who Clint is a quick Google search will refresh your memory. Clint has an incredible story and a powerful message. 

His book The Crazy Game: How I Survived in the Crease and Beyond was absolutely compelling. I would highly recommend picking it up for yourself. 

FREE Registration is now open
It struck me that I have been putting together resources on sales, leadership, personal development and men's mental health for almost 20 years. I have been publishing many of those on my website for over a decade.

In my quest to provide new content I realize that many of the existing resources get buried. I have the team trying to re-organize and make items more accessible. We have created a page dedicated to some of the most popular video resources I have on the site. I would love to hear your feedback on what you might find valuable moving forward.
I have been speaking professionally for over 25 years. The first two decades were primarily focused on sales and leadership. In 2015 my girlfriend was murdered by an ex-boyfriend who subsequently took his own life. When I looked at what gifts I had that might help prevent this from happening to someone else, I realized that my skill in this arena could be helpful. 

I began applying what I have learned to help create environments where men could find the courage to explore their relationship with themselves. Where men felt safe looking  at their own mental well-being and providing them tangible tools to master their emotional fitness. 

If you or your organization is in need of a keynote speaker who shares research-backed  strategies based on lived experiences I may just be your guy. I speak on the topics of men's mental health, how men can show up as allies, and how to effectively lead from a lens of compassion and empathy.
Navigating masculinity in todays environment can be incredibly challenging. There are very few spaces for men to gather with intention to unpack the daily challenges they are facing. This lack of space to gather and feel safe to explore what is going on in our lives contributes to men's mental health crises . 

This crisis became front and center for me in 2015 when my girlfriend was murdered by an ex-boyfriend. I had a choice. I could bury my head in grief or  find a way to effect  change. I chose the latter and created Connect'd Men,  a group for men to get together and practice emotional mastery and heal.
Love Letter to Men 2023 is happening! Our goal is to bring together a variety of information while creating an environment for all of us to share our stories. We have reached out to experts in the field as well as those with lived experience willing to share their stories and the lessons they have learned.

We have put together this forum in a very short time frame so please come back often and check out our sessions as we continue to diversify the content. We would greatly appreciate you sharing this event with friends, family, colleagues and all your social media fans.
There is an epidemic of loneliness among men. We have created a community of practice to talk about the mental well being of our men. I hope you will join us Feb 15,16,17, 2023
Men need each other now more than ever. Our hope is to create an informative event that creates a sense of community among all those that care about our men.
You are not alone in your struggles and there are supports. We are thrilled to be bringing many of those supports to one place. Join us for our second annual Love Letter to Men conference. Registration is now open
The Alberta Men's Collaborative is a group of men who are committed to the well being of men.
Our Mission
To actively explore, consolidate, and promote evidence-informed best and promising practices that support the health and well-being of those who identify as men. 
Our Vision
Our vision is a world where those who identify as men feel safe to integrate versions of masculinity that build on the strengths of traditional values while allowing for a full expression of all parts of themselves. 

We are thrilled to invite you to our Love Letter to Men virtual summit
Three out of every four suicides are in men. It's time to have a louder conversation. Join us with the likes of Dr. John Ogrodniczuk from the University of British Columbia at Love Letter to Men.
There is a real crisis happening in real time. So many men are suffering in silence. Its time to change that. Join us the evenings of Feb 15, 16, and 17th for Love Letter to Men. A virtual summit celebrating men's mental and emotional fitness.