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This is an excerpt from a journal entry I wrote while waiting for a meeting that I was an hour early for.  I usually write on my laptop but this time I opted for pen and paper. I love sharing random musings in the hopes that I will provoke thought and conversation. Love to hear your thoughts. Hope this isn’t a waste of your time.


Let’s go back to old school. Pen and paper.

Today I am grateful for the memories, the feelings and the love that I have. I am surrounded by the most wonderful people on the planet and I fear I take that for granted.

Each moment, a gift to be savoured. Drink in the beauty of your surroundings. Marvel at the magic. Listen to the music, the cacophony of the world around you. Hear what others don’t. Listen with your heart. Be still in the moment. Awaken to the colors, the chemistry of the day.

The warm embrace of a former stranger, future friend. The science of the infrastructure around you. The wondrous feats of human imagination that contemplated then constructed the architecture that supports the roof over your head.

The innocent wonder of the children around you. Find your inner child. Let your heart be playful. Play. Just play. The world needs more play. 

Write your story. Hire your editor. Write, rewrite. Be free. Laugh. Love.

Be all things. Do not let anyone around you squelch that inner fire. Burn bright and be your unique self.

Know that when life gets tough it will pass. Have faith. Believe. Listen and learn. Observe. Step outside yourself and see who you really are. Not as you see yourself. Not through the tainted lens of self-loathing. Not through the fuzzy filter of self doubt and insecurity.  Nor through the skewed mask of false confidence of a twisted ego. Instead, take a breath and simply see yourself through the eyes of someone who loves you. Through the eyes of someone who loves you.

Instead, take a breath and simply see yourself through the eyes of someone who loves you. Through the eyes of someone who loves you. Clearly that bore repeating. Follow your heart, not your head.

‘Our rational minds will never understand what has happened, but our hearts, if we keep them open to God, will find their own intuitive way.’ ~Ram Dass

How do we take a million cliches and then turn them into something more than just meaningless platitudes? Take faith and turn it into something tangible? Is that a ridiculous question?

Challenge the process
Model the way
Encourage the heart
Enable others to act
Inspire a shared vision

Platitudes or truths? Perhaps both. We need to find a way for the masses to stop and think rather than blindly acknowledging them. This is where we need to ask more questions. Have more conversation. Truly “Challenge the Process”.

What if you took the belief that you held most dear and looked at every way you might undermine or dissuade that notion? One of two things will happen. Either you will break your belief or you will further entrench these beliefs into your psyche.

What if you could do that with the concept of Love? What if you could take Love to a place you never knew existed? What if death did not mean the end of Love but rather completeness. Transforming it from it’s earthly form of warmth, touch, lust, sex and pleasure into something more permanent? Something not of this world. Something that our rational minds could never understand. Something that our hearts, if we keep them open, could only hope to ever experience. Do not let the sorrow of grief prevent you from the joy of Love that knows no bounds, a Love that reaches beyond anything we could ever conceive.

Breath it in. Drink it in. Feel with your whole heart that which cannot be described with words. A power beyond all measure. A love that goes well beyond “To the moon and back”. A Love that leaves this universe nothing but an infinitesimal speck in its grandeur. What if death was not the end but rather the beginning of this Love? A Love that surrounds you at all times whether you are conscious of it or not. What if every day you drank it in until it became a palpable part of your being? What if you could reflect that energy to a level that others could not help but feel in your presence?

How would your world change if you could become those eyes of Love? How would the lives of those around you change? Stop. You do not need to ask more questions when you already know the answers. So if we know the answers then we know that the devil lies in the details. The last 10% as it were. The question then changes from ‘What’ to ‘How’.

The answer: Practice.

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