Do you believe in the tooth fairy?


Well, this week my 9 year old decided to test the theory that the tooth fairy is real. Mikaela lost a tooth this week that has been hanging on and hanging on. It finally came out and she handed it to me and I left it on the kitchen counter on a kleenex.  Well of course that evening Mikaela wanted to make sure we put the tooth under the pillow so the Tooth Fairy could come and of course leave her some money. I put Mikaela to bed and assured her that I would make sure the tooth made its way under her pillow. The fact of the matter was that the tooth actually got accidentally thrown out with the Kleenex. I wasn’t too concerned as I am on pretty good terms with the Tooth Fairy and was sure that she would leave M a little something regardless. So Mikaela fell asleep and I carried on with my evening.

Of course come bed time I realized I had better make certain that the Tooth Fairy showed up. Typically in our house the Tooth Fairy leaves a toonie. Unfortunately the only thing that the Tooth Fairy had on them that particular evening was a five dollar bill. So the Tooth Fairy strategically placed the fiver under one of M’s 200 pillows. The next morning I went off to the office before the kids were awake so I did not get to see M’s reaction to her new found wealth. Well, imagine my surprise when I got the phone call at the office at about 10am from my wife asking where exactly the Tooth Fairy had left the money. When M woke up and came down for breakfast she reported that there was no money left and that she was a little disappointed that the Tooth Fairy had not come. So after carefully explaining location and a lot of searching M’s room the mystery of the disappearing five dollars remained. I suggested that she just put back some new money and we could help M find it later that day.

So when I got home from work I went upstairs with Mikaela to see if we could find the missing Tooth Fairy money. We walked in her room, moved a couple of pillows around and voila! There it was a whopping $4 sitting right there. Mikaela’s face lights up and I feel much better. All is right with the world my little girl has her Tooth Fairy money!

Imagine my shock when I notice that her smile has a bit of a sly angle to it. I look at her puzzled and say “What?”. She smiles up at me and says “I also found five dollars this morning”. BUSTED!! When I asked her why she didn’t tell us she admitted that she wanted to see if she would get any more.  These kids are getting far too clever for my liking.

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