#44 Tania Spilchen: Making a difference in poverty relief

Tania Spilchen is a computer scientist turned philanthropist. She is the founder of One International.

One! International Poverty Relief (One! International) is a registered Canadian charity; a non-government, non-profit, non-sectarian organization working in India.

One International strives to assist children, youth and families to achieve their potential and become responsible members of society. Basic education for children is a must. However, in order to accomplish this, education must also be extended to the older population by conveying educations’ necessity, and also to try and break the parent’s dependence on their children for the food and money they can earn by begging or working under-aged.

Tania shares how, what started as a computer science trip to India, turned into a love for a country, culture and a drive to make a difference.

We talk about gratitude and how one can come to recognize that in their lives. We discuss the importance of the emotional support of family in childhood to allow you to feel gratitude.

Tania recognized where she could make a small impact and took action to make it happen.

We have rules to guide us but heaven forbid that we conform to normal.

“We sometimes hide who we truly are just to be normal when people are not getting to know the real you.”

One of the things I found very interesting was her philosophy on giving people a hand up vs. a hand out. She talks about the problem that occurs when some of the wannabe philanthropists do a drive by drop of supplies.

“We get lost in the macro instead of realizing that the micro can go step by step forward into something bigger.”

Tania is an incredibly inspiring young woman I think you will enjoy.

You can find more information about One International here.

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