#41 Steven Csorba: Fragile Resilience – The artist who has found himself is lost

This dude is one of my favorite human beings on the planet. You will be inspired by his passion, energy and creativity. Steven is an artistic genius, fitness freak, cancer survivor and philanthropist. A self professed “Strange beast” and “the worlds poorest philanthropist”. I am thrilled to call Steven a friend and love to run with him every Sunday morning so that we can eat guilt-free croissants when we are done!

Steven has painted some of the best of the best in the NHL including Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier to name a few. His artistic success was cut short when he was hit with the dreaded C word. Cancer. In this interview we discuss his creative process, how he chose to give back to the community, his cancer and what has been dubbed pre-habilitative medicine.

Steven talks about what he calls Fragile Resilience. The balance between tough and tender. It’s a subject that has been near and dear to my heart for those of you that have followed my story. His first professional break as an artist came after he painted a portrait of Wayne after a loss at the Canada Cup.  It portrayed the sadness of the event and showed a more human side of Wayne. This was the painting that Peter Pocklington took into the dressing room and showed Wayne. Steve’s success early was a perfect example of connecting the dots and leveraging relationships. From his Uncle who cleaned Peters pool to the dressing room, it is amazing to hear the story of how it unfolded.

Shortly after I met Steven I went to one of his art shows and purchased a few of his pieces, including one titled ‘Fragile Resilience’. You will hear Steven describe and explain the painting in this interview.

20:40 Definition of Creativity: “The role of the artist is to preserve culture through self expression always relying on the truth of experience”

We talk about how to cultivate creativity and many of the things that Steven uses to build and expand his creativity.

“A true artist is always pushing the boundaries”

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We talk about how to exercise that creativity muscle whether you are creative or not.

Over the years Steven has been very involved in the community and in particular the organization iHuman.

If you like Stevens work you can help support him here for as little as $2/month. Any support is greatly appreciated.

So many incredible quotes and tidbits in this one. Here is a the “Make Good Art” video by Neil Gaiman that we discuss in the interview.

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