#39 Paul Taylor – President/CEO of Mortgage Professionals Canada

Here is your chance to get to know the President and CEO of Mortgage Professionals Canada.

From insurance to mortgages we explore Paul’s journey to leading the largest professional mortgage association in Canada.  Paul went on to take an executive MBA program and talks about what he felt he needed to succeed.  Paul is a great example of doing what it takes to get to where you want to be.

We talk about the importance of improvisation when it comes to a sales role.

“Relationships close deals” Paul talks about authenticity when it comes to building relationships.  We talk about the importance of honesty with yourself and with your customer.  Telling them when you can’t actually help them and utilizing that to build trust.  It almost always pays off.

“Deliver bad news early” nothing kills trust faster than delaying the inevitable.  This holds especially true when it comes to the mortgage sales process.  We tend to hide the bad news in the hope that we can solve the problem.  While this sometimes works out, more often than not this will blow up and destroy trust.

Paul talks about how he utilizes creativity, specifically music, as a metaphor for his business endeavors.

We dive into leadership and discuss a number of different leadership philosophies.  Paul talks about music and math and producing replicable leadership results.  He walks us through a step by step process for decision making.

  1. Fully understand the question that needs an answer
  2. Make sure you understand everything about the question before you
    1.  Understand what you know
    2. Understand what you don’t know
    3. Figure out what you wish to know
    4. fill the gaps with information from the people you lead
  3. Remove the emotion as best you can
  4. Don’t get caught up by someone else’s sense of urgency
    1. If you need to wait a day to remove the emotion then do so
    2. Change your environment.  Go for a walk.  Change your physical space to change your head space

We talk about some of the important character traits of successful leaders.

“Courtesy costs nothing”. Paul talks about the importance of respect and courtesy.

We talk about Mortgage Professionals Canada and where Paul sees the future of the organization.

This is a great discussion with some good stories that relate to both self improvement and leadership.  I hope you enjoy the conversation with Paul as much as I did.

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