Episode 14: Conversation with Yousry Bissada: 25 Years of Leadership

Yousry is currently the President and CEO of Kanetix, the leading provider of online insurance marketplace.  He has served on numerous boards and been Chairman of several.  After holding senior executive roles with two of Canada’s Yousry decided to step up his game becoming President and CEO of Filogix, a technology provider to the Canadian Mortgage broker industry.  Yousry was inducted into the Mortgage Hall of Fame in 2011.

YousrySelect Accomplishments at Filogix:

  • Grew revenue from $3 m to $60 m
  • Turned bottom line losses into $21 m EBITDA
  • Acquired and successfully integrated ten companies
  • Sold two divisions with a good return to shareholders
  • Changed shareholders three times while meeting or exceeding ROE hurdles for each
  • Invested in and successfully deployed significant system infrastructure for new software and database for financial institutions across Canada
  • Increased market share from 7% to over 50% of all Canadian mortgage originations

Yousry shares many leadership insights as he walks us through his career experiences.  Yousry is simply one of the good guys always happy to share his wealth of knowledge and experiences.  I think you will really enjoy this one.

These podcasts are free of charge and the people that give their time to provide you information do so on a volunteer basis.  I am going to start posting the charities our guests support and if you would like to recognize their contribution to you please consider giving to one of their charities and commenting on the posts.

Yousry supports a variety of charities including:

  • Big brothers and little sisters
  • Cancer
  • Prostate
  • Heart and Stroke

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