From the mouths of babes

I had a really interesting conversation with my 11 year old daughter and thought it worthy of a share. It was Monday evening and we were on our way to basketball. M asked if she could pick a song from my iPhone.  I said sure and handed it over.  She chose Nickelback’s Burn it to the ground.  Not exactly an appropriate song for an 11 year old but I let it slide.  There are a couple of swears in the song but it is not as bad as some.  When the first swear came up I made a loud ‘BLEEP’ and looked at her with a smile.

She turns to me and says “You know Dad if you hadn’t made a deal out of it I probably wouldn’t have noticed”.

I looked at her and affectionately told her that the reason I don’t mind so much that she listens to it is because I know she is mature enough to know that you don’t use bad words.  I then gave her the hairy eyeball with a raised brow and said

“You don’t use bad words do you?”.

She responded with the expected “No”.

So I teasingly pushed and said “Never???”.

She responds with “Well, sometimes in my head maybe”.

I chuckled and said “But not out loud?”.

She says “No, but I think everyone does in there head sometimes”.

Me: “You think so?”

Her: “Yes.  Like the time we were in the car and you were talking to that lender person… You were banging your head on the steering wheel? Do you remember that?”

Me: “Ya?”

Her: “Yeah, I bet you were saying bad words in your head then”

Come to think of it she was probably correct.  Funny how perceptive kids are eh?

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