Words to Live By: “Responsive”

Quite some time ago I wrote an article entitled “Words to Live By” where I talked about looking at the words with which you think people use to describe you and contrasting them with the words you would like them to use to describe you.  I still use this as a barometer to try and stay on track with my personal development.  My key word for this month is “RESPONSIVE’.

Google defines Responsive as: “reacting quickly and positively”.

That is certainly a word which I strive to be described as.  Unfortunately for me I recognize that over the years it is one that I would not always be described as.  I could chalk it up to being ‘busy’ but really it comes down to time management and what you think your priorities are.  Yes, I have a very busy lifestyle but that certainly is no excuse to not be “Responsive”.  In a world of ever growing communication options yes, we become inundated by things that we have to ‘respond’ to but it also allows many more options to respond with.  For me this is a daily struggle and one that I am determined to win.  I have even gone so far as to print off the word in big bold letters and tape it on the wall beside my office desk as a reminder to be “Responsive’.

The other thing that I have done in the last several months is hired an efficiency consultant to give me some tips on handling my calendar and my email inbox.  One of the most effective things that I have done to date is cleared out my Inbox and make sure I keep it clear.  I do this by following the three D’s.

Do It,

Dump It, or

Delegate It.

That way my email gets responded to in a prompt manner and hopefully in a short time “Responsive” is one of the words that you will hear people use to describe me.

What do you do to try and remain “Responsive” in a world full of over communication?

What words are on your target list for 2014?

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