Episode 15: Conversation with Andy Charles, CEO Canada Guaranty Mortgage Insurance

Andy is the President and CEO of Canada Guaranty Mortgage Insurance.  He has a vast array of experience in the mortgage business.  He helped introduce the concept of variable compensation mortgage origination to the big bank.andy charles

We talk about the lessons he has learned over the years in a variety of executive roles with major financial instutions.  We talk about the need to surround yourself with talented people.  We talk about how Andy has done that over the years.

Andy tells us some of his personal leadership insights and talks implementation.

“If you wait for a perfect plan you’ve waited too long.”  He says “A good plan effectively executed today is better than a perfect plan reasonably well executed six months from now.”

It’s all about execution. “Every one in the organization has a sales or customer responsibility.”  It is all about the customer whether you face them directly or support those that do.

Scorecards are key to implementing the shared vision.  Individual scorecards need to be linked in to incentives.  Well defined management process linking back to the objectives of the organization.

Relationship building is a key skill to build on.  Finding and solving problems for your customer allows you to do that.

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