Navigating Change in times of uncertainty

There is a mental health crisis happening right now. Burnout and stress are a very real threat to productivity, healthy relationships and overall employee wellbeing. It is a critical issue that requires intentional focus. We can help.

As a sales and leadership authority, Mike Cameron has studied and taught the impact that emotion has on human behavior for over two decades. He has built and sold a multi-million dollar business as well as co-founded a variety of non profits and charities. Today he designs programs to assist people and organizations tap into their full potential in a real and authentic way while protecting their mental welfare.

His keynotes addressing the importance of emotional connection have been heard all across North America and his 2017 TEDx urges society to help redefine what we expect from our men.

We strive to entertain, educate and leave everyone we work with an array of tools to make real and meaningful change in their lives. We challenge as well as empower those in our programs. Wellness is not a one and done approach it requires commitment to an ongoing process and cultural shift.

Our corporate group wellness includes:

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