Redefining Leadership

Moving From Chaos to Connection in Your Organization

A new reality requires a new lens on leadership. Antiquated mindsets and methods are no longer effective. Our ever-changing landscape requires leaders to be more nimble and employ a much more distributed model of leadership. 

Through a series of emotionally charged vignettes, Mike will share with you the tools you need to be a leader in your organization regardless of your formal role or title.

Empathy and compassion combined with solid boundaries and accountability are the keys to leading through change. As human beings we make decisions based on emotion. Understanding the emotion that drives the behavior of their constituents allows today’s leaders to excel over the long run.  

Emotional capital is the feelings, values, beliefs and attitudes of the people who engage with you and your business. How well you manage these emotional assets has a direct impact on how readily people will work for you, buy from you or build  business relationships with you.


  • Emotional competence over Emotional Intelligence

  • Learn to build trust

  • Create psychological safety

  • Create meaning and purpose

  • Be inspired to create connected organizations

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