Emotional Avoidance

Emotional Avoidance

Sometimes as children when we are faced with difficult or even traumatic events we learn to suppress or avoid uncomfortable feelings. This is often because we lack the emotional maturity to deal with these feelings so we push them aside.

While this may be a decent short term coping strategy when we are young, it can become problematic when we carry this same approach later in life. We see it all the time in modern society. We find ways to avoid feeling. Maybe we distract ourselves with social media, work, kids, or other methods.

This Emotional Avoidance can becomes a problem when we don’t address the underlying emotions that affect us. These emotions will find a way to manifest one way or another. 

Sometimes as secondary emotions, for example anger, or maybe as physical symptoms (insomnia, illness).

So my challenge for you today is to pause and look around and see if there are areas where you are practicing emotional avoidance.

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